Jazz Arts Cafe named "Pick of the Year"

Summer Jazz in Red Bank

Back in June, TCN contributor Craig A. Dowd called the Summer Jazz Cafe, presented by The Jazz Arts Project at the Two River Theater in Red Bank, “a patient stroll through the decorated halls of America’s music with the world’s foremost practitioners as our guides.  There isn’t a live music calendar in jazz that can compare to the next five weeks at the Two River Theater – it’s that good.”  And it certainly was – and will be again next summer, no doubt. Dowd wrote: “The Jazz Arts Project, a tax-exempt corporation whose advocacy of jazz has few rivals, has booked a quintet of artists that encompass the entire spectrum of jazz.  Considering the resume of the man behind the curtain, this isn’t a surprise.  Joe Muccioli, co-founder and artistic director of Jazz Arts Project, is an internationally known conductor, orchestrator and Miles Davis historian.  These are people who live and breathe the jazz life and want their shows to stand up to those found at Birdland or Blue Note.  It’s safe to say they do – since it’s inception in 2006, the level of talent at Summer Jazz Cafe has continued to grow each year, further solidifying Count basie’s hometown as an arts destination with international appeal.”   Bookmark www.jazzartsproject.org for other happenings throughout the year until next summer.

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