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Hello Folks,

I am delighted (finally) to show off our new, improved, updated, tweaked, spiffed up, polished up, jazzed up, sparkling, brand spanking new WEB SITE!

Whew, this has been a long time coming.  Its been a thorn in our sides for several years now folks. The old web site was clunky, difficult and expensive to keep current.  After all it was put up in 2006… the dark ages of web site technology.  In computer years that’s prehistoric times.  Funny isn’t it? In jazz terms it’s about a few seconds ago, in technology it’s centuries.  We have about a hundred years of great jazz to enjoy.  we can listen live to great musicians still playing in the style of Louis Armstrong, or Miles Davis, or John Coltrane, or any of the great innovators of the art form even while there are those forging ahead and creating new directions in music.  But if you have a computer system that is a year old, it’s already a dinosaur.  Those of you who are doing web sites, blogs, E-mail blasts etc can surely commiserate.  Maybe that’s why we can appreciate great classic jazz so much.  It is organic. It is steady, straight ahead, fairly consistent.  It makes us smile, tap our toes, bop our heads, dance!  Well enough of that, but I do want to thank the two people who helped make this happen.  Volunteers, Kristen Lambertson and  our own Pete Laurance.  with their help we have this beautiful new web site and, more importantly, the ability to easily update it and bring you more info and fun much more efficiently and quickly.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Meanwhile, we have a boat load of new projects underway.

There is always a lot of activity here at the Jazz Arts “Home Office”…
We are constantly planning future shows and exploring new opportunities. Recently we launched the JAZZ ARTS ACADEMY, a comprehensive training program providing real world experience to aspiring teen Jazz musicians. This program will continue into the winter and spring thanks to the folks over at the Count Basie Theatre and we are proud to be a part of their own Performing arts academy program. We are also exploring partnership projects with organizations in Asbury Park and the Neptune School system. We are getting ready for the annual Sinatra Birthday Bash and planning our concert season for 2011. Our little organization is growing up folks. Our audience is growing, our outreach to students of all ages is well underway and if all goes well, we will be emerging as a significant arts presenter and education force in the region.

  • “there is no better example of democracy than a jazz ensemble”

    – Michelle Obama

Jazz music is such an important part of American culture and history. As I’ve said before it must be preserved and nurtured as a national treasure. The very nature of this art form speaks to democratic ideals; Freedom, diversity, artistic integrity, popular culture, the free expression of ideas, historical significance, world wide acceptance and recognition, critical thinking, cooperation, peaceful negotiation, and community.  As we know, listening, choice, cooperation, and participation are essential to creating both jazz and democracy.  Here at Jazz Arts Project we are striving to bring these messages to the general public through our concert presentations, our community outreach and our educational programs.  Please help us fulfill our mission.  Join as a supporting member, attend our concerts and events, volunteer and donate to our cause.  We cannot do any of this without your generosity and your participation.  I hope to see you all at our upcoming shows.  Explore our newfangled web site as we have included a lot of information about us and our past activities.  Also, please always feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments section below.

Hope to see you all at the Sinatra Birthday Bash!

Joe Muccioli

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