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Join Mooche for a fun hang...

Have you missed us? Well, we have missed you!

And we've appreciated your patience this summer while we were offline producing in-person jazz events locally here in New Jersey.  Great news though... we're back with a new season of "Mondays With Mooche", and we have a great lineup of listen & learn events for you this fall.


Join us twice each month for the 3rd season of Mondays with Mooche

each episode is a zoom meeting at 7:00pm EST


We thought to try something different over the next several episodes. Maybe together, we could explore music a bit more deeply.  What music means to us, how we use it, how we experience it. How we hear it. How it reflects our feelings and connections...

family, friends, culture, heritage, communities, nationality, and our own upbringing and life's experience.

let's explore how to really listen to music, how to hear more nuance and depth. Hopefully, we will come away with a more enjoyable and knowledgeable experience while learning more about careful discerning and critical listening.

This series is an open forum round table discussion (as it were) where we can explore the depths of music meaning and nuance.

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